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Welcome to the LifeSkills Counseling & Consulting Group!


LifeSkills is made up of mental health and substance abuse professionals who specialize in helping youth, adults, couples, and families recover from life’s stressors.


Let’s face it, life is hard. Things happen that we cannot control, and there are times when life does not turn out how we planned. Sometimes we find ourselves discontented or distressed. At LifeSkills, there is hope. Our mission is to teach every client how to live well in spite of these things. Our theoretical approach is reality-based, cognitive-behavioral, spiritual, and culturally sensitive. Both of our offices are relaxing and conducive to wellness. We are conveniently located in the University area of Charlotte, at 8401 Medical Plaza Drive, Ste. 355; and in Matthews at 1300 Matthews-Mint Hill Rd.


Appointments are available Monday-Thursday, from 8:00 a.m-8:00 p.m. Friday and Saturday appointments are available for emergencies. Many major insurances, including Medicaid and NC HealthChoice. Call our office today for an appointment, at (704) 548-5299.








Life didn't come with a manual, and some of us are still learning how to live--even if by trial and error. Unfortunately, the School of Hard Knocks doesn't offer diplomas. But, you've found a place that has experienced staff who are skilled at giving adults the tools to live their best lives.

Most of LifeSkills' staff are parents so we know how difficult it can be to get through to youth. However, we are skilled speaking kids' language and teaching parents how to do the same. So instead of feeling defeated for considering counseling for your child, pat yourself on the back for finding a place you can trust for your child's needs.

Okay, how come marriage is the only thing you can get a license for and take no test? Not to mention that many couples often feel like they're failing. At LifeSkills, our staff is experienced at addressing the six main relationship problems: sex, money, parenting, communication, spirituality, and support systems (in-laws, friends, and family).

"I love this place and its staff"


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The LifeSkills Group is made up of state-licensed counselors and social workers who specialize in helping children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families recover from eating disorders, anxiety, depression, anger, trauma and abuse, and grief and loss.