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Many people shy away from counseling services because they are unaware of how the counseling process works. Understanding the process may help to alleviate some of your fears.


First Appointment

At your first appointment, you will complete a new client paperwork packet. This packet consists of basic forms that inquire about contact information, HIPPA consent forms, reason for seeking counseling, confidentiality statement, and insurance information.


After completion of this information, your therapist will bring you into their office. The therapist will review the paperwork with you to ensure that information is discussed and understood. Then the therapist will review expectations and explain the therapeutic relationship with you.


The therapist will then begin completing a biopsychosocial assessment that will address several different aspects including presenting problem, family history, substance use evaluation, and health history. Finally, the therapist will inform you if they are able to assist you with your problem areas and schedule your next appointment.


You may attend counseling appointments on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis depending on your specific treatment plan.

What To Expect

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The LifeSkills Group is made up of state-licensed counselors and social workers who specialize in helping children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families recover from eating disorders, anxiety, depression, anger, trauma and abuse, and grief and loss.